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shortly for some of these kids, kids whose parents worry they may end up on the streets. parents and koefs are angry. this is where he teaches his players discipline, both on and off the field. he worries what may happen to that discipline. >> they don't have -- they don't play so good to be on a school team. they don't play so bad and they are not bad. >> reporter: budget cuts are forcing the the officers to move out. >> i'm back to the patrol division because that is our primary function, responding to the calls for service on the
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street. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: pal leagues like this one in san francisco, recruit kids out of poor neighborhoods, but the san jose cuts could affect up to 5,000 youth. >> yes, we got a gang of soccer players. we got a gang of good kids. we've got a gang of kids that want an opportunity in their life and the opportunity is here. >> reporter: hundreds of parents signed the petition, but this is the ninth straight year the city asked the department to cut back. johnny diaz plays soccer and has seen firsthand the affects of pal. >> to like get out of bad things they're going to do in life like going to jail, might as well go to school, do your best and be successful. >> reporter: now, there may soon be a day when the kids will no
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longer swing from the fences. >> the police department regrets the cuts and hopes to keep a scaled down version of pal in operation, but that's not what the kids here want to here. >> thank you. a memorial service will be held friday for three killed in the san bruno explosion. their deaths were just confirmed today. 50-year-old gregory and his son, william, were killed in the september 9th explosion. his mother was also killed. a memorial service friday at 4:00 in burlinggame. the clean-up is getting started tomorrow. crews will begin to remove burned out vehicles. also, today, turn, the utility reform network, demanded the
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california public utility commission not to raise rates to pay for the explosion. pg&e has already promised it will not do that. the ceo of pg&e was on cnbc today. he was asked if the pipe, built in 1956, had anything to do with the explosion. >> it's not clear. it's not clear what the cause of this incident was, this accident. it's important to really weight and understand the root cause of this before we take action and draw conclusions. >> peter darby said pg&e is surveying transmission lines to prevent another disaster and that it's taking special precautions in the bay area. >> so, what we have done on the whole peninsula is reduced the gas pressure so that if there are any weaknesses, they wouldn't be aggrevated. then what we've been doing is
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we've had people walking every mile of the line, inspecting with tool, for gas leaks. we've also had planes over flying with special technology looking for leaks. >> darby also said america needs to take a closer look at its infrastructure as a whole and said some pipelines are up to 100 years old and other rs in service longer than planned. a new poll by the business journal finds people here in the bay area are feeling a little unsafe since the explosion. 29% say they are more worried. 37% said it changed their view, but believe explosions are rare. 14% said they feel safe and 8% said they thought the pipelines were never safe. a gas leak caused some uproar today at cal state east bay. construction crews working on
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campus struck a two-inch gas line with a backhoe this morning. pg&e crews came out to cap the leak and made repairs. no one was evacuated and classes were not disrupted. construction crews were working on the new wellness center set to open next year. the water pouring through a pleasant hill neighborhood this morning has finally stopped. some 40 customers had to get ready for work and school without coffee or showers. it happened at viking drive, affecting traffic for diablo valley college and other schools. crews worked late into the afternoon to get it repaired. tonight, the 13-year-old boy is meeting with a police sketch artist. he was walking at a shopping center at walnut creek tuesday afternoon when two men pulled up next to him.
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the driver leaned down, said the boy's mom sent them to pick him up. the boy ran away and got a look at the two men. they are described as white males in their 30s to 40s. the driver was bald. he was heavy set. police hope to release a sketch tomorrow. a fake cop carrying what police believed is a real gun stops a woman on a busy street, then steals her money. it happened tuesday afternoon in san leandro. vicki? >> reporter: police say the woman was walking along this very busy stretch of east 14th street when the fake cop pulled up, jumped out of his suv and told her to freeze. it happened about 4:15 yesterday. he was armd with a handgun and waefr wearing a tactical police
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uniform. he asked her if she was under the influence of drugs. that's when he took her wallet. during the search, the woman did the right thing. she asked the officer for i.d. that suspect is described as a black man in his 30s, bald and clean shaven. she was driving an suv with flashing lights on the grill. it was possibly a chevy tahoe. a watch commander is en route to the scene. we'll have much more on that tonight at 11:00. live in san leandro, nbc bay area news. >> better safe than sorry. more than 100 people took part in an emergency drill at sfo. that is about -- can respond to an emergency and corrugate the
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response between several different agencies while maintaining airport operations. >> this one, we're looking for long-term planning experience and coordination. what did we learn? what do we need to improve upon. next year, see if we can build upon that. >> planning for next year begins in a month. chuck reid has seen the reports saying his state has the worst roads in california and he says pension reports are to blame. san jose tops the list with 64 roads in need of repair. he says he can't fix them because of san jose's budget fueled by rising pension costs. this year, costs rose to a total of $177 million. where you can go in the next few days to buy a book for a buck.
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>> and preventing suicide ws a very personal story. we talk to one of the few people to survive the plunge off the golden gate. angry father takes action against a young man who allegedly slept with his daughter. one problem, the dad is a police officer and he used handcuffs to make his point. >> tracking really the last few minutes of summer. it's a cool evening. 67 in san jose. breezy, but the seven-day forecast bringsha t hotttes temperatures we've seen all year. we have your full forecast coming up. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment.
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service cuts could come down tonight. the board of directors is considering a proposal at a meeting that just got service. it would cut weekend service in half and reduce late night
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services. in all, it would save ac transit $11 million in yeech and eliminate 90 million jobs. ac transit is facing a $56 million deficit. downtown oakland is mourning the loss of hundreds of jobs. clorox plans to keep their headquarters in oakland, but about 500 workers will be moving. it is the largest corporation. tenants will move to the bottom 12 floors. employs of bayer protest today. the workers say bayer got more than $20 million last year to promote jobs, then cut them.
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>> we're trying to rally and get the support of the community and let the folks know about what's going on here. >> we did get a response which says the layoffs are made to increase efficiency at the facility and that the company did everything it could to help those who were let go. a concerned parent or police officer abusing his authority. tonight, a san jose police officer is in trouble for handcuffing a 15-year-old boy who had sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. >> apparently, the handcuffing was done in front of the boy's parents in their living room. while the police officer said he was acting as a concerned parent, the boy's parents say he was in full uniform and acting like an officer. >> reporter: the attorney for a veteran san jose police officer say his client is a concerned
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parent. the attorney says quote, everything was done in the spirpt of reaching a troubled young man heading down the wrong path. the officer drove to the boy's home after he learned the boy allegedly had sex with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. >> having the young man cower in handcuffs, threatening him with rape in prison. that's in the spirit of straightening this young man out. i don't think so. >> reporter: police will not discuss the details of the case. they say they don't have a policy involving a case with family and friends. >> i can tell you the police department generally does not have officers assigned to investigate cases when it's clear that there's some personal con flix. >> reporter: the officer's attorney says their client is cooperating and is quote,
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saddened by the parents decision to engage in the blame game. the boy's family attorney dismisses that argument. >> you come and talk to his parents. you don't come in in your uniform, with your gun, with your taser. with your handcuffs. that's ridiculous. >> now, the boy's family attorney says the two teenagers are cited for unlawful sexual intercourse. the officer in this case has been placed on paid administr e administrative leave. nbc bay area news. a new governor's poll tonight shows a dead heat. rasmus and laporta shows voters are supporting jerry brown and 46% behind meg whitman.
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the poll shows nearly half of voters have an unfavorable impression of brown. the democratic party just got dumped by larry svs. in fact, in a ballot, it won't say democrat or republican, but decline to state. they face off in november. opponents of a pension reform ballot measure in san francisco hit the streets today. members of the campaign, reaching out to merchants. measure b would require about 11,000 city employees to contribute more to their pension funds. the public defender, offered the measure. union workers say the measure is misguided because they've already given back. >> we stepped up in seven out of the last nine years, found ways to cut health care costs, to pay
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into pension. we've achieved almost third quarters of a billion in savings over the last nine years and he's ignoring that. >> he says pension reform is badly needed. a buck a book. the san francisco public library's big book sale started today where you can choose from a half million books for as little as a dollar. it is from 8:00 through 10:00 in the morning. however, all the books will be sold for just $1 on sunday. >> and you know, a great thing to do is buy one of those books, find a nice air-conditioned spot and spend the rest of the week there. >> if you have that indoors or are heading to the beaches, those will be the places to be. today, 72. san jose, 68 and fremont, 73.
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look at santa cruz, 78 degrees. that was the warm spot today. 62, san francisco and 68 in oakland. 70 in livermore, so pretty good strong sea breeze. tomorrow morning, we're going to see a chilchilly start. mostly 60s and 70s around the bay area. friday and the weekend, even the inner bay will see a chance of getting to the 90s in the weekend as some of the warmest weather the entire year. allergy report, if you have sniffles and sneezes, maybe it's the elm pollen that has made its way into the moderate range. the winds picking up, that's good news for air quality. it is quiet here in the bay area, but if you're heading to
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the high country around owe sim tee, we had some showers. you will continue to see that tomorrow. we still have a zonal flow racing across the pacific. as high pressure builds in across the west coast, friday, you will notice big changes. tomorrow morning, patches of clouds. temperatures in the 40s and 50s around lunchtime tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow around noon a bit warmer than today's highs. tomorrow, we'll see a bit of a warming trend inland, but most places, 70s and 80s. low 80s around los gatos. 75 in oakland, so some warming. friday, the peninsula, getting close to 90. we'll have a look at this resurgence of summer. back to you. coming up, a new exercise to tone your cheeks.
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the idea of suicide on the golden gate bridge has been around since it opened in 1937, but has picked up momentum in the last four years. we see an unusual gathering in san francisco today. >> what you see are bicyclists and tourists. >> reporter: that is the view most people have of the golden gate bridge, but john brooks sees something else. >> they're just simply not aware of the fact this is the deadliest structure on earth for suicide. >> reporter: his 17-year-old daughter, casey, jumped to her death from it two years ago. >> whatever urges or impulses were inside her were kept very
6:23 pm
secret from everybody. >> reporter: now, brooks speaks out about the need for a suicide barrier. >> these people who do lose their lives to it are worth saving and they can be prevented. >> reporter: a coalition of suicide prevention activists gathered today in san francisco and laid out shoes to symbolize those who have taken the deadly plunge. >> we decided to do the memorial to show how many lives have been lost. >> reporter: last month, the transportation commission pledged $5 million and the bridge district still needs 45 million to put them in. proponents are trying to persuade congress to add the money to a transportation bill. >> it will take a convening of hearings on that transportation bill and then all of us going and testifying and lobbying for that money.
6:24 pm
>> reporter: one advocate knows the draw of the bridge better than anyone alive. that's because kevin hines is one of the few to survive the deadly jump. >> they deserve to survive. i did and i'm glad i did. i'm blessed to be alive every day. some opponents of the bridge barrier say the money would be better spent on mental health services. still, no time on when congress will take up the bill that could possibly provide the funds. the governor is being urged to sign a bill to help protect children from pesticides at school. they are applying pressure to get the bill sign and would require school to adopt less toxic pest management practices by 2014. a survey showed that 42% of schools were using a high risk method of spraying pests, a
6:25 pm
method that exposed people to dangerous toxins. >> we believe the governor understands the challenges facing schools and they need to support to make sure children have a healthy learning environment. >> the governor has not made a decision on the bill, but must act by september 30th. a huge recall of baby formula tonight. up to 5 million containers of sim lack mbe infected with inse parts. both sizes from 8 ounces to 12.9 ounces. to see if you have the formula, go online to the website. they said they found insects last week in one section of a michigan manufacturing plant. scientists are excited about the discovery of two unknown
6:26 pm
dinosaur species. kos moe has 15 horns on his head, but that was mostly for looks. the other dinosaur is larger, with five horns. he was about 22 feet long with a seven-foot skull. experts believe they will find more new species in the desert, which millions of years ago was a swamp. coming up, new claims about why the titanic sank. and jumping off the political ship? tonight, new report that is the president's right hand man is leaving washington to run for homeouto comrtroffice.s rstae sthm , ar homes to courtroom stars, the eight city leaders arrested on corruption charges face the judge.
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greed. the wealthiest corporations. billions in profits and bonuses. and the sacramento politicians just gave these same corporations a new billion dollar handout... paid for by cuts to education and public safety with no guarantee of creating one new job.
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but we can change this by voting yes on proposition 24. prop 24 repeals the billion dollar giveaway and protects our schools and communities. yes on prop 24. it's time to give us a break... not the big corporations. what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby! instead of earning squatootski... your savings will be earning three times the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? current and former leaders of bell appeared in court today. they were arrested yesterday on corruption charges fol whoing a
6:29 pm
highly publicized scandal. patrick heelly was also in the courtroom. >> reporter: a full house in the department 30 detention box. eight city of bell officials facing charges of corruption. attired in jailhouse jump suits. >> i think they look really nice in orange. >> reporter: standing out in brown was city management, robert russo. the color saying he spent the night in the medical ward. the attorney for rizzo's assistant and mayor oscar hernandez argued outside that their accepting generous pay and loans was not illegal. >> he contends that everything he did was lawful, legal within the bounds of law and what was permitted. >> i'll represent that the district attorney had no
6:30 pm
evidence that she did any favor. >> reporter: patty returned all the money she borrowed from the city. jennifer lynn schneider rejected that. >> if you shoplift a leather jacket and it's less theft because the security guy gets the jacket back? >> reporter: the da arguing that they should not be allowed to post money they got from the city. the da did sign off for ortega and cole. the other six appeared in a second courtroom this afternoon where their attorneys argued they have strong ties to bell and will return to court. >> there is, as far as i'm concerned, a real possibility or probability of flight and a real probability that a particular
6:31 pm
defendant will not appear at any future proceedings. >> that was patrick healy reporting. the next meeting is in two weeks. the owners of iowa egg farms were on the hot seat on capitol hill today. the house energy and commerce subcommittee want to know why conditions were so bad at those farms. the investigation targets white county egg. several of the 1600 who got sick testified about how awful they felt, but the owner of one of the farms refused to answer questions questions. >> too much manure. it's flowing out of your building. you got cracks. dead mice. dead chickens. maggots. that stuff didn't just happen. >> i have prayed several times each day for all of these people, for improved health. >> wright's owners blame an
6:32 pm
ingredie ingredient from an outside supplier. the u.s. government says it's harder to track and block terrorists. three officials spoke before the home land security committee. they say the threat is becoming more complicated because of the internet. >> the internet has expanded as a platform for expanding terrorist propaganda. and this has contributed to the threat from home grown radicalization in the united states. >> with such a vast platform, officials say al-qaeda has inspired a number of terrorist groups worldwide. they say al-qaeda is targeting americans because it's easier for them to remain undefected. at least 63 u.s. citizens have
6:33 pm
been charged and convicted since 2009. another shake-up in the obama administration. nbc news is reporting that the president's right hand man is leaving for his own political office. rahm emanuel is going to call it quits next month to run for mayor of chicago. a new book by bob woodward details last year's internal white house battle on the war in afghanistan and as steve handlesman reports, they say the aide comes across as someone analytical, political and decisi decisive. >> reporter: an exit strategy. that was president obama's dema demand according to bob woodward. last year, the president rushed in 20,000 troop, then set out to change strategies, setting off a battle inside his
6:34 pm
administration. mike mullen and david petraeus wanted 40,000 more forces. vice president biden opposed any increase. the obama compromise was 30,000 with a pullout in 2011 because he said, i can't lose the whole democratic party. >> the president decided. he stood up for what he wanted and pushed back against the most powerful players in the military. richard holbrooke and douglas luke complained. the taliban still gaining strength. was there too much drama on team obama? >> in the white house, you're always fighting for influence in the president's eyes and it's not unusual that you would see senior staff members fight over something like this. >> reporter: new revelations, the cia runs a secret army. afghan president karzai is manic-depressive and on drugs. today, he denies it.
6:35 pm
experts testified on capitol hill today that home grown terrorists might be the number one threat now. mr. obama told woodward if terrorists stage another big strike like 9/11, he believes we can, in his words, absorb it. i'm steve handlesman, nbc news, washington. the white house is on a mission to educate americans about the health care law president obama signed six months ago. the president held a health care discussion yesterday in the backyard of a home in falls church, virginia. he told a crowd of 20 people he pushed for the new law because rising health care laws were bankrupting families and our government. >> all these things are designed not to have government more involved in health care. they're designed to make sure that you have basic protections in your interactions with your insurance company. that you're getting what you pay for. >> a recent poll shows the law
6:36 pm
remains unpopular and that many still don't know what's in it. well, we're working hard, putting the latest video game to the test, but this one requires you to move around. and for you couch potatoes, we have a great new exercise for your butt. >> your what? and the new claims from a relative of with one of the officers on the titanic. what really sank the unsinkable ship. and we're watching the final minutes of summer now as we move into fall. feels like it in san jose. 67 degrees. but stay tuned, you're seven-day forecast includes temperatures well into the 90s for most of the bay area. @ú @@t@@@@@@@p@@y@@b@@
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our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. to he av livewiurth on we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that. it's been a day of violence
6:39 pm
for an east jerusalem neighborhood. crowds of palestinian youth responded in violent rampages facing off with israeli police at the city's most religious site. about 50,000 palestinians and jewish live in that neighborhood. in pakistan, a new wave of flood has displaced another quarter of a million people. the united nations has called for more relief. up to 250,000 people have been displaced over the last ten years. heavy monsoon rain has caused one of the worst natural disasters. it has kill eed at least 1800 people. while president obama continues to consider whether to allow the bush tax cuts to
6:40 pm
expi expire, voters are weighing in. a new poll shows 62% of voters want to make permanent is 2001 bush tax cuts for families making less than $250,000 a year. but those same people also favor allowing the tax cut to expire for those making more than $250,000. the poll was commissionened by the service employees international union. the british author has come forward with new ideas about why the titanic sank. she claimed the helms man accidentally steered into the iceberg. jim maceda has more from london. >> reporter: the granddaughter of the only surviving officer on board the association liner which sank after hitting an iceberg in the north atlantic, now reveals in a new novel what she claims really happened. >> titanic was running under the old sail orders, but the guy turning the wheel was steers man
6:41 pm
had been trained up under the new steamship orders. and when the guy at the wheel got the call from the officer to turn the bow to the left, he panicked and reverted to the orders he was used to and turned the bow to the right, which was the wrong way. >> reporter: as the ship began to sink, the owner gave the order to go slow ahead, rather than stop and float. moving forward filled the ship with more water, making it sink before help could get there. >> titanic sank in two hours where as my grandfather suggested, no damage done, she would have floated for five or six hours and the rescue ship was only four hours away. >> reporter: finally, she says she's come out only now because she realizes if she dies, the
6:42 pm
secret would die with her. it is a titanic twist to an old and familiar story. reporting from london, now back to you. >> interesting story, indeed. we're back with the best new exercise to get your rear in gear. >> how come you got to say rear and i had to say something else. anhow you can be part of a contest to have celebrities follow you on twit r. here's a nice view from oakland back to san francisco. take a jacket out this evening. this weekend, boy, do things start to heat up. have a look at these bigahngead ahead in your forecast when we come right back. [ ruiz ] reliable tools started as a brick and mortar store. we sell lathes, mills, high-tech equipment.
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i had an idea to go ahead and put up a couple of items on ebay, and they brought more than our expectations. meg whitman gave me the tools to expand globally. we sell to australia, india... that big blue machine over there? it's going to malaysia on wednesday. with ebay, she created jobs for millions of people. with meg's creativity, she'll be able to create jobs here in california. i'm mariano ruiz and i'm a meg whitman success story.
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on twitter, you follow celebrities, but how about the celebrities following you? there is a celebrity auction and it lets stars follow their feed. more than 180 celebrities have joined in the lead in ultimate fighting championship dana white going after $15,000. george lopez is going for 39 bucks and the price for snoop dog rose to $67.55. the money depose to help people in haiti. say hello to new celebrity faces going undercover on nbc prime time. >> did you just say the word
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espiona espionage? >> they are pulled out of retirement to be globe trotting cia agents in "undercovers." it follows the couple on active duty. >> it's pure escaping. we get to travel all over the world. >> it's great, honey. >> hard to really put our show in one genere, because it's everything. it's fun, comedy, drama. >> it comes from j.j. abrams. "undercovers" we procedures at 8:00, followed by "law and order svu." celebrities have one thing in common. curves that many women want to have. jennifer bjorklund shows us the
6:46 pm
four simple steps you can take so others will notice your bottom line. >> reporter: take a look around. thank you, j. lo, thanks, kim. the butt is the new abs. >> you want a glute that's high and tight. >> reporter: but how to tone it up without making it huge? >> if you're well endowed in that area, first of all, get a body fat test and see if there's any you need to lose. >> reporter: charlie is a glute expert and invetted a machine that isolated the muscle. >> want to use about a third of your weight. >> reporter: for toning exercises like squats, don't go to failure, just fatigue. when you're thinking you don't like it anymore, that's when to stop. the top four exercises? number one. the hip extension.
6:47 pm
ke >> keep your back straight. >> reporter: and keep your legs at right angles. two, the standing squat. >> she's going to draw straight down and in order for her to balance here, the glute has to tight. when she pushes back, right there. >> reporter: don't let your knee go past your toes. third, the multihip extension. keep your back flight. >> this right here has to actually keep the maximus in place. >> reporter: number four, the step up lunge. >> lift and stand and then back down and pause. >> reporter: how about a bonus? >> you know how the speed ka
6:48 pm
skaters have a nice button, it's because they're in this position all the time. right there. >> doctors say if these exercises make your knees or back sore, you're not doing them right. like that big muscle back there, let it do all the heavy lifting. all the things that offended rob in that story, wearing a dodgers t-shirt. >> i was eating crispy cream donuts. what about almost 100-degree temperatures in fall. sweating to the '90s. our today's high, only 72 in san jose. but look at san francisco. 62 degrees. 68 in oakland, so it was chilly, but the number that stands out,
6:49 pm
liv livermore. places like the trivalley could get close to 100. right now, if you're heading out, san jose, oakland, san francisco, three different places, same weather. chilly and breezy. san francisco, 59 degrees. west wind at 17 miles per hour. weather headlines tonight, low clouds, cool temperatures. 40s and 50s tomorrow morning. through the afternoon, we'll see 70s inland, a few low 80s. the real heat will hold off to friday and saturday beyond. allergy report, moderate change. perhaps your allergies may be kicking up. with high pressure building in and sea breeze backing off, we could see some spare is air days next week. satellite view of the bay area, not a lot happening unless you're heading out to the high
6:50 pm
country. notice here we had thundershowers around yosimte. areas south of lake tahoe may be seeing scattered showers. the jet stream is still parked across the upper half of the west coast. we're not going to warm up in this pattern, but this high pressure will build up and send it way off into british columbia. we're going to warm up more by friday. for thursday inland, more 80s, but the sea breeze is going to win the battle tomorrow. friday and the weekend, it kind of shuts down, so we'll see 70s and 80s on the coast. 90s around san jose. for the weekend, sunday into monday, we could see those numbers starting to soar. and fortunately, we could see offshore winds. if that sets up, we could have
6:51 pm
fire danger concerns about the bay area. tonight, check this out if your skies are clear. jupiter, the brightest it will be right now until 2022. it's at its closest point to the earth. it is going to be extra bright outside. if you've got binoculars or a small telescope, maybe you can see the bands there. if you can see it between the patches of low clouds. 40s and 50s outside tonight. tomorrow, temperatures starting to climb up. 80s out there and these temperatures, trust me, are going to be mild compared to where our weekend is going. near 80 in san jose. san francisco, low 70s. east bay temperatures some 80s. pleasant hill, san ramon and concord, temperatures around oakland staying in the 70s and north bay, 70s and 80s inland.
6:52 pm
some spots friday could get to the 90s. san jose getting close to 100 on monday. we had this cool summer. this one may stick around for five or seven days. it could be hot for a while. >> and you're raising the red flag as it were about possible fire danger. >> the temperatures and humidity will be good for red plag warning if the winds pick up. >> thanks, rob. next, video gaming on the go. not mobile gaming, but a new deviceou tom bece you become mobile to play it. 'll test it out. ring ring. progresso.
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carly fiorina laid off 30,000 workers. when you're talking about massive layoffs, which we did... perhaps the work needs to be done somewhere else. [ male announcer ] fiorina shipped jobs to china. and while californians lost their jobs, fiorina tripled her salary. bought a million dollar yacht. and five corporate jets. i'm proud of what i did at hp. [ male announcer ] carly fiorina. outsourcing jobs. out for herself. [ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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tonight, what can a blanket do for your unborn child? a lot if you believe the claim of p makers of belly armor. that's tonight at 11:00. it promises to change video gaming, that is if anyone will get off the catch to try it. play station move is on the shelves. lawrence scott takes it for a test spin. >> reporter: right now is perhaps the most fascinating time to date for console gaming. everyone's getting in on the action. the art of bringing your motions
6:56 pm
into video gambles is no longer the domain of the anyone tin doe wii. >> reporter: it accounts for angles and space. without the controllers with their connect, the x box 360. a good deal of attention has been put towards family friendly offerings, especially for young children. >> look at how cute your ipad is. >> reporter: it's just a matter of time before game developers tap into the fitness realm. still, racket sports are some of the easiest motions to work out. while other activities sit well, too. nearly 20 games are ready, and other releases are being updated
6:57 pm
to be compatible for the move. if you have the ps3, each new controller is about 50 bucks. there is a $100 bundle in each of the necessary peripherals, which includes a game, but you'll likely want a second controller. note you won't be constantly swapping out batteries. here in the infancy of the move, some of the games are a work in progress, but things are set in motion for an intriguing future to come. >> very interesting. >> what happened to the days of going out for a run? playing tennis on a real course? seriously. thanks for watching nbc bay area. >> we'll see you at 11:00. okay. see you then.
6:58 pm
our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to make some tough decisions. we have to live th minur. onsea we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people. and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
6:59 pm

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